How to Heat Emboss Lettering

Heat embossing is so fun and easy to do and adds a beautiful effect to your lettering! It only takes a few tools and barely any time at all. One of my favourite things about heat embossing is that you can do it on any surface that won’t melt (yes, I have tried this on plastic)! 🙂


  1. Heat tool for embossing (and no, a hair dryer won’t work)

  2. Embossing powder in desired colour(s)

  3. Embossing pen

  4. Smooth, heavyweight paper or cardstock

  5. A piece of paper, folded in half, to catch any stray powder

  6. Cheap, soft paint brush to brush away excess

Most of my supplies came from Michael’s but I have links for Amazon here. My embossing pens came from Walmart and I love them!

Let’s do This!

Lay down your paper… embossing powder gets everywhere!

Using your embossing pen, write your desired word or phrase. Note that depending on the brand of your pen, the ink might dry fairly quickly. Work fast with embossing powder and write each word individually if necessary.

Next, sprinkle some embossing powder on top of the wet ink. You can see in the picture that it I put a lot of powder on, but that is okay. You will be dumping any excess back into the container, so it is fine to use more than you need.

Firmly tap your piece against the table to shake as much extra powder off as possible. If any spots did not stick, go over them again with the embossing pen.

Use a paintbrush to gently brush away any embossing powder that did not come off earlier.

You should now have a word that is fully covered in powder. It will look glittery now.

Turn on your heat gun. It will take a few seconds to warm up, so be patient. Holding it about one inch away from your piece, let it melt the powder. You will know the embossing is complete once the word completely changes from powder to solid colour.

You Did it!

Now you know how fun and easy heat embossing is! Use it to add extra sparkle and flair to anything that can be lettered on!

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